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1984 Caesar

“Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King

Is it possible to present William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar by looking the assassinations of female South Asian prime ministers? Of the four female leaders in South Asia, why were two prime ministers assassinated? What does a female rule in a male dominated culture look like? How far will any leader go to stop a country being divided?

“When a mighty oak falls, earth shakes” Rajiv Gandhi, November 1984

1984 remains one of the darkest years in modern Indian history.  Thirty years later, the government stubbornly refuses to admit its fault in the religious massacre, despite enormous evidence to the contrary.  Does the text of Julius Caesar reverberate with the loss of confidence that citizens feel about the system? Is it possible to present a balanced perspective to a massive human rights violation and give justice to a community still scarred by 1984?



“Congratulations to Phizzical who have brought most diverse audiences to Roses Theatre with a well-crafted Cymbeline” Sheriff of Gloucester

 This work will engage diverse audiences who want to understand more about Shakespeare from a global perspective. It has synergies with Asian cultures and histories, which add a new influence for contemporary audiences who look forward to new influences to classical works.  It is of relevance to British audiences who want to learn about the government’s involvement in the lead-up to the genocide.

“It’s a meeting of cultures that defines the action”
Reviewing Shakespeare on Cymbeline