Producing arts, culture and heritage projects that reflect contemporary society.

About Phizzical


Phizzical’s mission is to:

  • Produce dynamic and joyful artistic experiences that respond to contemporary issues and are connected to world histories for the benefit of the national public.
  • Play a crucial social role to unite people of all races, ages and backgrounds using the beauty and humanity of the South Asian culture and heritage.
  • Build an extended cultural community through performances, training and community programs for all people.
  • Support exciting new and emerging diverse talent and enable them to become part of the arts community.


Founder and artistic director chose the name Phizzical to act as a reminder to be brave and take huge leaps in the hopes of reaping huge artistic rewards. The world is constantly changing and our vision is to entertain audiences with adventurous and thought provoking new touring work. The work we commission and produce is influenced by international cultures and seeks to address the challenges and possibilities of our time. We create avenues to engage with hard to reach communities to develop a taste for cosmopolitan work that sparks imagination. We want to see young talent flourish through professional development and opportunities to showcase their creative practice. We expand our creative potential through collaboration with exciting creative people in the UK and beyond.

Our mission is serves: 

  • All audiences with a focus on South Asian and British Asian audiences
  • New and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds
  • People interested in new forms of cultural expression or an understanding of the human condition outside of their own identity
  • Volunteers and new arts administrators and managers
  • The cultural sector within the city and other local authorities
  • National venues – theatres, dance venues and cinemas

We work to achieve this by:

  • Providing the role of a producer to other smaller companies and artists
  • Producing at least 1 high quality production each year
  • Investing in the ideas of 5-10 emerging artists a year
  • Introducing the work of new and emerging artists to the wider arts sector through our networks
  • Conceiving new work that is of relevant to diverse Britain and it’s understanding of global issues
  • Providing master classes, training and networking opportunities
  • Curating a programme of work by South and British Asian film makers with a film festival, in particular female film makers to address the gender imbalance in the film sector


Artistic producer: Sâmir Bhamra
Finance and Administration: Elaine Hunter
Accountants: Sharman Fielding


Kat Bailey
Bhavika Chauhan
Prabhjot Hunjan LL
Parminder Singh


Hitesh Rao
Raj Baddhan


Keral Mithabai
Sandip Kaur Dhatt