In/Out of Shape

Saturday 2 February 2019, 7.30pm
Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester
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Hiten Mistry is a classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer making a mark on the British dance scene. In/Out of Shape is his first step outside of the classical dance training world to explore possibilities within his art form
and discover himself within the social world. He is working with acclaimed dramaturg Chirag Lukha and award winning dancer-choreographer Sonia Sabri who will be stretching the classical form, mirroring the distortions of reality and questioning what is beautiful.

In/Out of Shape is a new piece under research and development opening up a discourse about breaking out of a system, away from the conventions, beyond the lens of society. But do we ever breakout off the system? Do we
simply enter another with its own demands? Do we ever have the strength to truly stand proud of ourselves without seeking the validation of others?

One of the primitive systems we have been wired up to is to judge how one looks in the first three seconds of seeing them. The everyday challenges of not being the ‘perfect’ shape is overwhelming in itself set by the eye of media and brainwashing society, so what about a dancer who does not fit into the conventions of the dance-like body? In/Out of Shape unapologetically unveils some experiences of the body and the shaming of it.

We’ve all stood on that pedestal of trying to please others. Was it worth it? Come and join the revelation.

In/Out of Shape is supported by Phizzical, Sonia Sabri Company, Attenborough Arts Centre and Arts Council England.