Morphed by Subhash Viman

Subhash Viman, Morphed

“the versatile Mr. Viman was arresting, whether upside down or making speedy Indian armwork look like vogueing” Brian Seibert, New York Times


Morphed is solo dance piece created by British dancer Subhash Viman in collaboration with Indian choreographer Veena Basavarajiah, with music composed by the renowned Raghu Dixit.

A seamless merging of lofty classical dance with observed movements and gestures of males, transforming from Hindu gods to spitting and nose wiping loiterers, done with panache and grace! This piece re-defines what Indian dance can offer us, a form which speaks of big themes and everyday life Pulse Connects magazine

Morphed dissolves constructed images of the ‘other’ and the acknowledgement of a cacophonic identity of the self. During the creative journey the both the artists discover that regardless of the differences in their histories and experiences, their contemporary worlds are very similar. Travel and technology had redefined the idea of home and belonging. Whilst the world was presented to them within the proximities of their houses through various gadgets, they also travelled the world with a cocoon of our roots and tradition woven around them. Both hailing from multicultural societies, the romantic idea of assimilation seems more like an endless juggling of identities where they constantly switch languages, gestures, mannerisms, tastes and preferences to fit into a changing social and political context.

The piece looks at how regardless of their national identities they embrace, abandon, adapt, adopt ideologies of nationalism, home, religion and culture to weave images of the ‘self’ to present and represent their existence. Morphed, is a choreographic work that portrays how every individual is indefinitely morphing identities to be recognized and accommodated in today’s global world.

Morphed premièred in Bangalore in India in January 2014, following a works-in-progress showcase at Let’s Dance International Festival.

Dancer: Subhash Viman

Subhash Viman is a promising new talent stepping into the realm of dance. Having started with hip-hop in 2003, he proceeded to train under exquisitely acclaimed dancers and choreographers in the UK and India. Subhash trained in Bharathanatyam with Smt. Chitraleka Bolar (UK) & SMT Chaaya Kanavate (INDIA) and Kathak with Smt. Nilima Devi (UK) and SMT Asha Joglaker (INDIA). Subhash danced his way into the top 30 finalists of India’s most popular TV dance show hosted by Hrithik Roshan “Just Dance” in 2011. Here, he endured extensive training during his participation on the show, under top Bollywood hip-hop choreographers Javed Sinadi, Paul Cardoz and Rahul Shetty, where he wowed judges Hrithik Roshan, Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant. Recently he was honourably invited to perform for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan alongside him on his 70th Birthday Celebration in front of the crème of Bollywood industry. His most recent project involved him Choreographing alongside Aakash Odedra for professional actors in Theatre Freiburg, Germany for the project ‘Gods Little Soldier’.

Subhash’s credentials include – Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Farah Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant, Saroj Khan, Birju Maharaj, Kumudini Lakhia, Smt. Chitraleka Bolar, Smt. Nilima Devi, Mayuri Upadhiya, Raghu Dixit, Piyali Ray, Aakash Odedra, Lewis Major, Santosh Nair, Arnel Vasques, Paul Ross, Rahul Shetty, Paul Cardoz and Samir Bhamra to name a few.

Choreographer: Veena Basavarajaiah

Veena Basavarajaiah is a contemporary artist from Bengaluru (India). She has worked with renowned contemporary dance companies such as Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company(UK) & Attakkalari (India) and has performed on various platforms across UK and Europe. She has been the recipient of Young Achievers Award in 2007 and is also an empaneled artist of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

She is a freelance performer and choreographer working with various dance companies and does collaborative work with musicians, theatre and multimedia artists. She is also a dance writer for various online platforms in India and Pulse Magazine (UK). She has completed a Masters in South Asian Dance Studies at the Roehampton University (UK).

Composer: Raghu Dixit

Often hailed as India’s biggest cultural & musical export, Raghu Dixit’s unique brand of infectious, happy music transcends age, genre, and even language. His music is strongly rooted in Indian traditions and culture and is presented with a very contemporary, global sound.

From playing to over 100,000 people in his home state to every big music festival in India, from Glastonbury, to the BBC to even playing for the Queen of England and the entire Royal Family, Raghu Dixit seems to have done quite a bit!

But he is only getting started.

It took 12 years for Raghu to get his music out and his first album immediately signalled the arrival of a tremendous force in the Indian indie scene. Today, five years after his debut album, Raghu Dixit’s second studio album Jag Changa, has released to rave reviews from all quarters. And he has done it as the unquestionable No. 1 live indie act in the country.

Producer: Phizzical

Phizzical celebrates ten years of supporting emerging talent to develop their artistic practice and articulate their voice across all art forms. The company aims to produce unique cultural experiences that are influenced by international cultures for the benefit of the public. We want to see young talent flourish through professional development and opportunities to showcase their artistic practice. Our new work is available to tour nationally and internationally.