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My Birthday Song

Wed 21 March, 8.15pm
Phoenix Cinema, Leicester MAP

Rajiv Kaul, a successful advertising filmmaker, is celebrating his 40th birthday. Everything is as always: friends, food, wine and music. The only difference is the absence of his wife and kids and the presence of a beautiful stranger, Sandy.

A dangerous liaison ensues and throws Rajiv’s life upside down. Nothing is what it seems and there is no one who Rajiv can trust. Neither his wife nor his best friend, but most dangerously, not even himself.

A series of twisted events blurs the line between past, present and future and between what’s real and imagined. My Birthday Song explores deja vu within a framework of the psychological thriller to create a story you won’t be able to shake.

Director: Samir Soni
Cast: Sanjay Suri, Nora Fatehi & Zenia Starr
India, 95 mins, 2018, Hindi