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Rishii Chowdhury

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Rishii is a British born musician who brings a fresh, energetic and exciting approach to playing the tabla. He is a ‘rising star’ in the World of Indian Classical music and has been labelled as an ‘Overseas Youth Icon’ by the Eastern Beats Music Society, Assam, India. It is Rishii’s dedication to the art of tabla that has led him to learn from the World’s greatest tabla maestro’s Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. Rishii has also received guidance from Suphala Patankar, disciple of the late tabla master Ustad Allarakha.As well as being deeply rooted in the Indian classical tradition, Rishii has been involved in many stimulating collaborative world music projects working with tap dance, hip hop break dance, Persian music, Western classical, Drum n bass, jazz, electronic, reggae, electro rock, pop and dubstep genres. Rishii is also a member of ‘Tarang’, the UK’s National Ensemble for Indian Music created by Milapfest Arts Organisation.Rishii also has a commitment and passion to developing the next generation of tabla players. He is already gaining a reputation as an individual with “empowering qualities” which is why the student body of his YO-Tabla! classes are growing. Rishii is an ambassador for Indian music having recently lectured at the Cultural Integration Fellowship, San Francisco, California on tabla, Indian music appreciation and wellbeing.Having completed a leadership programme with Performing Arts Leicester (PAL) and being one of the project managers of a new networking group ‘CEMENT’, Rishii is definitely making a mark in the industry, not only as an exciting artist but also as a music entrepreneur.
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