Ticket 2 Bollywood

Calling all Bollywood performers

Ticket 2 Bollywood

Are you an actor, dancer, singer or musician?  Do you want to star in a new Bollywood production?

Bring on the Bollywood – The Auditions is YOUR ticket to stardom if you have the talent, commitment and determination to shine in a new and spectacular Bollywood stage show? It’s your chance to sparkle in our open auditions to star in Bring on the Bollywood, a vibrant and colourful extravaganza!

Phizzical Productions, the masters of Bollywood live dance and theatre in the UK are looking for a cast of 10 performers to star in a sparkling family entertainer!

Auditions: Mon 4 and Tue 5 January 2016
Recalls: Fri 15 and Sat 16 January 2016

Auditions will take place on Mon 4 and Tue 5 January 2016 at Belgrade Theatre in Coventry and our selected performers who will have an opportunity to learn from creative experts in the process of making a contemporary Bollywood production.

The finalists will dazzle in the limelight  in a spectacular Bollywood dance-theatre production from the makers of Precious Bazaar, Cymbeline and The Nautch Girl.

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