Casting Bring on the Bollywood


The masters of Bollywood experiences, Phizzical will tour with Bring on the Bollywood – a romantic comedy that features a fantastic soundtrack interwoven with wit, wild parties and some wicked dances.

City and country, old and new collide at Colonel Pawar’s ancestral home – the shabby and un-chic Lakshman Villa. Confined within these walls, his wife Mrs Pawar pines for the cultural polish of London, New York or Paris!

Enter the dashing Bollywood actor Amit and his newly eligible cousin Ronny – a quiet and withdrawn young British man who is here to scatter the ashes of his love. The Pawars have found a potential suitor to their quick-witted and resolute daughter Katrina, who is sharp, sassy and in complete control, until she learns of her parents’ intentions. What could possibly go wrong?

Bring on the Bollywood is a glitzy theatrical experience inspired by real stories of love and infused with the works of Oliver Goldsmith and William Shakespeare. Festooned in a kaleidoscope of colourful costumes and melodious music, it is a great night out!

Initial rehearsals from Feb 2017. Main rehearsals from April 2017.
Tour opens 6 May 2017, running 14 weeks to mid Oct 2017.

Rehearsals: Peterborough and Coventry 2017

Principle auditions

24 Oct – Singing/Acting
25 Oct – Dance

Recalls will be early November and early December.

December auditions for Ensemble

For singing roles please prepare 1 modern pop song (English) and bring sheet music. If you can sing in Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi/Gujrati then please prepare one and bring sheet music or backing track.

A dialogue and song will be sent to all short-listed performers.

To apply email cv and head shots to : 

Ronny (Male)

A respectable British Asian man, heartbroken who travels to India to find himself. He is possessed of a strange contradictory character. The role requires an accomplished performer who can act, sing and dance, and has a good command of a South Asian language like Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrati, etc.

30 – 40

Katrina (Female)

An Indian doctor who has been studying and working in the UK for over 10 years. She is an excellent dancer who loves all things Bollywood. She’s very clever, emotionally resilient and manages to heal Ronny with a unique double role. This requires a versatile performer who can play both Indian and British characteristics and accents, who can dance to a high competency ideally in a classical form, and sing in both English and a South Asian language.

25 – 35

Lucky (Male)

Lucky is known for his free-wheeling ways of drinking and tomfoolery. Loves to play practical jokes. Proves to be good-natured and kind despite his superficial disdain for everyone. His mother wants him to marry but he is set against the idea. Requires an agile performer with singing and dance experience (aerial).

18 – 25

Colonel Pawar (Male)

Colonel Pawar has retired from the Indian army and is the patriarch of the Pawar household. He is a warm and wise man who loves to tell stories of his exploits and strategies in the army. He despises the ways of the city, and is dedicated to the simplicity of country life and old-fashioned traditions. Father to Lucky and Katrina. A versatile actor-singer who is able to bring light touches of comedy.

45 – Over 65

Lalita Pawar (Female)

Married to a retired army captain and mother of two children. She was a classical Indian dancer but frustrated with the path her life has taken her. She is most notable for her pronounced vanity. She loves to meddle in the lives of her children Lucky and Katrina. Requires an actress-singer well versed with comedy. Dance experience desirable but not essential.

45 – Over 65

Ensemble – Singer/Dancer (Male or female)

Ideally with strong a dance background and a genuine interest and understanding of Bollywood.

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