Digital musical wins global awards


Over the last year, Phizzical’s digital short musical film Mad About The Boy has been screening at global festivals worldwide winning several awards for Best Music, Best Costume, Best Editing and Best Direction.

This musical film was created during the early development of Stardust to showcase the songs to theatre producers, with support from Arts Council England. The songs were written by Robby Khela with music production by Devesh Sodha. The script was written by Phil Willmott. Hitz Rao provided marketing photography. The makeup artist was Leylah. Jason Elberts was the director of photography. Samir Bhamra designed the costumes and directed the short in Leicester.

Some of the festivals where Mad About The Boy has screened include:

Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA)
Cannes Short Film Festival
ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival
Canadian Diversity Film Festival
FEEDBACK LGBT Toronto Film Festival
Queen Palm International Film Festival
Goa Short Film Festival
LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival
Malta Film Festival
Madrid International Film Festival
ARFF Paris // International Awards
Play Short – International Film Awards
Aab International Film Festival
London International Short Film Festival
North Europe International Film Festival – London Edition
London International Cinema Festival
UK Asian Film Festival

Audiences can watch the film online between 2-30 April 2020 at UK Asian Film Festival.

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