How to Kill Your Westernised Daughter


Phizzical supports Madraj Productions’ new production based on honour killings.

Written and Directed by Steve Nijjar
Produced by MadRaj Productions

University is over. So is freedom. Kully dreads going home…

How will she explain to her traditional mother, Jaswinder, that boyfriend Raj is of a lower caste? But she doesn’t have to. Raj confronts her family and tells them that he’s been living with their daughter for three years, and wants to marry her.

Hell breaks loose. For Jaswinder’s about honour. She teams up with her friend Gajinder, a self proclaimed doctor. Together they hatch a simple plan – kill Kully and pin the murder on Raj. Will Raj get the love of his life, or do Jaswinder and Gajinder get her first? What does father Surinder have to say? And will his dog, Pappu, survive?

This comedy tells the satirical tale of a mother convinced she needs to murder her daughter to save face and restore honour within their community. We explore the fear some Asians have of western culture, their belief of the caste system, and the idea that one must maintain family honour – by killing your own family.

Those with a politically correct disposition or susceptible to being offended should stay at home. Those looking for an entertaining evening full of fun and laughter need to book now.

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