Mad About the Boy – Musical – Mid Scale


On 11 December 2014, the Supreme Court in India made it a crime to be gay.

“Earlier in 2013, two Muslim women were the first to have a civil ceremony in a Leeds registry office. It is believed they received death threats from the UK and from people in South Asia where homosexual relations are illegal”

This demonstrates how positive role models from the South Asian LGBT community are treated by the South/British Asian communities for whom homosexuality is still a taboo. With homosexual themes permeating the great scriptures, tales and novels over centuries, Mad about the Boy aims to address how intersecting identities of race, religion, culture, gender and sexuality play out today.

“It is blasphemous to presume that a child in a mother’s womb can have a criminal intent. No one can be a born criminal, or born with criminal inclinations. Can a gynaecologist certify that a mother has delivered a child with unnatural tendencies? If so, several questions would arise: what is natural and unnatural? What is the order of nature? What is ordinary course? Who decides these? Are these good or bad, moral or immoral? Do such traits have “criminal flavour”?” asks Bishwajit Bhattacharyya in the Economic Times.

His Indian Boyfriend is being developed by TMA award winning writer and director Phil Willmott and singer and songwriter Robby Khela. Robby recently starred in Phizzical’s re-imagination of Cymbeline and is pushing his singing and song-writing ideas through musical theatre following his stint on Indian Idol 4 in Mumbai and being a support act for pop artists such as Blue, Girls Aloud and Lemar.

Listen to a short preview of Robby Khela’s Unashamed track that features inMad about the Boy at:

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