Romeo + Laila



ROMEO + LAILA is a fusion of two of the world’s greatest love stories from Eastern and Western literature. Laila-Majnu by Hashmet Shah is one of the most famous love stories of all times and explores the madness of passion, arranged marriages and how they affect the two lovers. Romeo + Juliet by William Shakespeare concerns the fate of two very young lovers who would do anything to be together. It is perhaps the most famous of his plays and is thought to be the most famous love story in Western history.

There is something missing from Laila Sharwari’s life. Her family strongly believe that something is a husband and they are bursting with excitement at introducing her to the mayor’s son. Instead she meets her childhood sweetheart Romeo, and their love rekindles. Divided by cultural barriers and feuding families, can the star-crossed lovers search for a world where their love will survive?


Romeo: Saif Alwarith
Laila: Kiren Jogi
Gulbadan: Amardeep Nanra
Mercutio: Omar Khan
Tabrej: Jaspal Binag
Genghis: Mark Khutan
Ben: Michael Quinn
Paris: Jeet Karia
Police Chief: Jaimal Mistry
Grand Mother Sharwari: Aarti Sud
Mrs Sharwari: Paris Chaudhry
Mrs Montague: Anupama Saini
Qazi: Rafaqat Hussain
Viola: Deena Gadhia
Olivia: Davina Gadhia


Jelina: Bhavika Mistry
Rosaline: Sharnpal Jeetley


Written by: Omar Khan
Designed & Directed by: Samir Bhamra
Asst. Directed by Leylah
Stage Management: Robert Nicolaides
Vocal Trainer: Jaimal Mistry
Stage Combat: Mark Khutan
Arabic Choreography: Leylah
Wedding Choreography: Nayana Whittaker
Western Choreography: Leylah, Bhavika Mistry (Xtreme Dancers), Samir Bhamra
Photography: Leylah, Mark Khutan
Project Manager: Mohammed Nasim
Project Co-ordinator: Fareeda Ijaz

East Midlands Economic Network (EMEN)
Consultant: The late Bill Law
Consultant: Tim Haq

This play is one outcome of a Heritage Lottery Funded project – Young Historians run by Leicester Asian Youth Association (LAYA), to find out about the cultural heritage of South Asia. LAYA ran a variety of workshops in poetry, calligraphy, dance, cookery, drama and music.

Young Historians has been supported by:

National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund
East Midlands Economic Network (EMEN)
Leicester City Council Museums service
Leicester Asian Youth Association LAYA

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