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Global Majority: A Candid Look at Power Dynamics

Welcome to a sneak peek into “Global Majority,” the latest theatrical endeavour by writer Chris Fung. This play dives deep into the complexities of global politics and power, offering audiences a thought-provoking exploration of societal norms and human nature.

Meet the Faces Behind the Scenes

Chris Fung, a versatile artist and the brains behind “Global Majority,” takes on the roles of producer, writer, and lead actor. With a background in performance studies and a track record of success, Fung brings authenticity and depth to the project.

Guiding the production is director Rupert Hands, known for his adept storytelling and attention to detail. With a wealth of experience in the theatre world, Hands is poised to bring Fung’s vision to life with nuance and skill.

Behind the curtain, drummer Paul Forster sets the rhythm, infusing each scene with energy and momentum. With a passion for diverse musical genres, Forster’s contributions add depth and texture to the production.

Introducing the Cast

The ensemble cast features a talented lineup of actors, each bringing their own unique perspective to the stage. Kayley Rainton, a graduate of the Oxford School of Drama, takes on a leading role, bringing authenticity and depth to her character. Joining her is Cade Brannan, a recent acting graduate from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, whose presence adds an extra layer of intrigue to the ensemble; Other members include Philip Bretherton and drummer Paul Forster.

A Glimpse into Global Politics

Global Majority invites audiences to witness the intense job interview of Brian, who vies for a coveted position within a secretive elite group. The play delves into the murky waters of global politics, exploring themes of power, privilege, and the human cost of ambition.

Fresh from the success of his debut production, The Society for New Cuisine, playwright Chris Fung continues to challenge societal norms and spark meaningful dialogue.

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