The Garden – Artist Commissions


Phizzical is offering five UK digital artists to collaborate with new and emerging artists to create new digital art to mark the centenary of the Jalliawallah Bagh. Phizzical is offering:

  • Up to £5000 towards the making of 1 large commission and 4 small commissions by able bodied and disabled artists
  • A platform for artists across all art forms to network, exchange ideas with digital artists and build suitable collaborations.
  • An opportunity to showcase the digital films at the UK Asian Film Festival Leicester
  • Profile the work of local and regional artists
  • Give opportunities to access other professionals and practitioners

Criteria for selection is based on:

  • Theme – The Garden: We want artists and digital artists to respond to intergenerational, contemporary and progressive meaning to migration and displacement. We want artists to think beyond commemorative anniversary to create intergenerational, contemporary and progressive works that respond global issues today, related to the fight for freedom and humanity.
  • Young talent: The lead applicant has to be a new or emerging artist aged between 15 and 30 years collaborating with an experienced digital artist
  • Disability: At least one commission will be awarded to a disabled artist
  • Highest Quality: work with a clear sense of purpose and integrity that has the potential to reach the highest artistic standards of practice.
  • Engagement: work that has the ability to interact and captivate audiences.

To apply, each artist will need to:

  •  write up to 1500 words about the artistic idea that includes:
    • the project name
    • the artistic vision and how it will be realised
    • partnerships and other funders
    • budget
    • a timeline
    • length of digital art (if film)
    • screening technical requirements
  • The experience of the artist and their capacity to create a quality work for the general public

  • The digital artist to demonstrate a track record of producing quality work that is innovative, diverse and challenging including a web link to an existing work

  • Up to 3 online links and biography of the digital artist to demonstrate a track record of producing quality work that is innovative, diverse and challenging

  • Include visual mood board of the artistic idea

  • For more information or to submit your proposal to


  • March 2018: Networking event for emerging artists and digital artists that includes a conversation with an artist and digital artist sharing their recent digital collaboration
  • 1 June 2018: Closing date
  • 10 June 2018: Interviews with shortlisted applications
  • 15 June 2018: Commissions announced
  • 10 January 2019: Final digital artwork submitted
  • March 2019: Presentation during UK Asian Film Festival Leicester


Phizzical’s digital commissions programme aims to offer opportunities to artists to create new digital art through collaboration with artists working across all art forms.  The digital art works will act as a catalyst for development and innovation sharing ideas, concepts and new work.  To sponsor the digital commissions, please contact

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