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Eight young Creative Producers complete a skills development scheme funded by Awards for All. The Creative Producers worked on the development of a production, which culminated with the delivery of the press night on 17 September 2013.

The participants engaged during high-intensive programme where they had the opportunity to learn about project management, marketing, sales, communication, event planning and management, budgeting, ICT and administration skills as they worked towards producing a real event for Phizzical.



VH: I was very excited to be part of the creative producer process with Phizzical. I had high expectations due to the standard of previous productions they have created and I was very willing to put in that kind of commitment to work with the rest of the team.

MF: I was introduced to all the creative producers who were all keen, pro-active and like-minded individuals, and we were all given the chance to informally get to know one and another before the productivity began!


AS: The journey so far has been fruitful but not without its obstacles. Even though the creative team were all like-minded individuals, it was apparent that we don’t all have the same initial ideas.

KM: We have begun to brainstorm different themes and have narrowed down to those ideas which we thought were interesting enough to revisit.


PH: I was expecting to say very little in the project when I joined. Looking back, I realise that how many of my ideas were sought to broaden perspectives and bring something new to the table. This meant that at times, we forced ourselves to be analytical and think about our event, who the target audience is, how do we want to engage with them, what experience should they leave with and more.

DM: By the time the press night for the production took place, I believe we have all come to understand our strengths and weaknesses in terms of working in a creative team.

HB: I have gained the skill of being able to understand integral roles, such as a producer, copy-writer, marketer, and administrator and so on. Alongside gaining confidence I have also learnt about my creative styles of work and how I can best express myself. I am able to know when each team member can be best utilised to increase efficiency in a creative process.


AP: It was fantastic to be part of this pilot project. Phizzical were learning how to work with us and to get the best from of us, and likewise we were developing an understanding of what was expected from us, how we would be supported through it, and they adapted the programme around our needs. If Phizzical were to run this programme again, it would be beneficial to reduce the size of the team or to allocate different mini projects to the team members. This would improve efficiency to deliver the outcomes.

KM: But it may not teach us how to deal with diplomacy and empathy when team members are attached to the ideas (however good or bad).
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