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Past Shows

Anjali and the Enchanting Anklets

Date: August 2010

An entertaining, colourful, and full of beans Bollywood enchantment of fairy tales

Genre: Dance


A contemporary melange of the classic tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Wizard of Oz and Sleeping Beauty presented with a Bollywood twist.

Nine year old Anjali is travelling to a new land. This would normally be an exciting time, but her parents cannot disguise their anguish. They won’t be taking much with them. Somehow, Anjali manages to sneak her anklets and book of stories. Her adventures begin as her curiosity leads her to read the book where a dreamboat Bollywood hero drops down a rabbit hole. The more she reads, she finds herself following the hero into the rabbit hole. Her spiralling fall kills the evil dancing vamp and frees a troupe of Shakespeare perfomers. In return for her actions, she is given the vamp’s magical golden anklets, and heads to the heart of Wonderland hoping to find the doorway home.

But in the mists, hides the Queen of Hearts Ingomar M’abuse who is collecting the hearts of twelve dancing maidens on order to fulfil her evil ambitions to take over Wonderland. As Anjali walks down the silver starry road, she meets a bunch of unlikely misfits who often rescue her from M’abuse’s army of Bakawari. Frustrated by the failure of the Bakawari, M’abuse resorts to releasing a spell bound lovable rogue, Om to capture Anjali’s heart.

Will Anjali discover his treachery before it’s too late? Or will she touch the charkha (spinning wheel) and die, giving the M’abuse the ultimate power to destroy Wonderland with her tandava dance?

Anjali and the Enchanting Anklets is a visual feast presented through a variety of dance styles, mixing multimedia and audio visuals to enchant audiences of all ages.


Cast, Crew and Creative Team

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