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The Maids

Date: Feb 2009 - 2010

When the mistress is away, the maids will play.

Genre: Drama


A poisoned teacup, a mysterious ‘Monsieur’, a profusion of flowers and two sisters caught up in a fantasy of conspiracy and murder.

When left alone in the house, Claire and Solange Lemercier indulge in secret rituals of hatred and revenge, directed against their wealthy Madame. They both love and hate their mistress and are drawn daily to act out fantasies of power and submission.

Will the game ever reach its conclusion, and with what consequences?

Suitable for 15+


Maids – Apsaras
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“Samir Bhamra dips deep into themes of sadomasochistic desire, gender, class, power, ritual, transgression, etc. by alternating all-male and all-female casts.”

“The geographical transposition to India allows for a sumptuous stage design and Bhamra’s male troupe camp things up merrily!”


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Cast, Crew and Creative Team

“An effective re-thinking of the play in an exotic setting which does full justice to Genet’s themes of sexual ambiguity, power games and conspiracy.

A particularly watchable Madame played by dancer actor Pritesh Chauhan invests the role with more charm than I recall from any previous production

Robby Khela plays Claire with a fine sense of femininity without ever seeming camp. Gestures are delicately langorous, the voice pitch perfect for female, with a well-developed and detailed transformation from his Madame impersonation in the opening scene to the nervous handmaiden, fearful of being found out, and the brutal dénouement that, like Greek tragedy, takes place offstage.

Jeremy Williams plays the central role of the sneering Solange with power and blistering resentment.”

British Theatre Guide

Clouds Clouds
Clouds Clouds