Stardust – Best Stage Production Award Finalist


Stardust is a finalist in the Best Stage Production category at the Asian Media Awards 2020.

Stardust is a foot-trapping musical thriller created after workshopping with over 100 LGBQTI+ South Asians in the UK. This real, powerful and heart-breaking story merges the many experiences of people who fearfully live in the closet and those who have have courageously come out.

Presented in association with Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Stardust is a dark rags-to-riches success story is fused with supernatural horror about love and acceptance.

Written by born deaf writer Shahid Iqbal Khan and Samir Bhamra challenges archaic colonial norms with imagination. Robby Khela’s catchy lyrics and Devesh Sodha’s sinister strings add magic to the air that made the show a hit with young adults and families.

“…have to be applauded for putting together a masterpiece that has never been done before. Packed with plenty of drama and suspense, ‘Stardust’ will take you on an emotional roller-coaster that you won’t forget.” ★★★★★  Biz Azia

On the surface, Stardust looks like a light, fun, musical with fairytale tones. But the dark undercurrents display the depth of the characters and the story itself.” ★★★★  Brum Hour

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