Develop your Music artistry and leadership


Are you a musician aged 16-24?

Do you want to compose your own music?

Do you want to be supported in your music career?

Do you see yourself leading a curtain-raiser event?

Do you want to network within the performing arts industry?

As part of the Music Pathways programme, Phizzical is hosting masterclasses in music led by Rishii Chowdhury. The master classes are aimed to develop individuals leadership, entrepreneurship and artistic excellence in music.

Five renowned composers, singers and musicians will join us to support emerging bands, composers, musicians and singers. Niraj Chag, Simon Duggal, Navin Kundra, Raiomond Mirza and Pavan Verma will share their journey in the music sector highlighting their early struggles and turning challenges into opportunities as they became professionals in the industry. They are the hottest names in Asian music in the UK and have worked with acclaimed artists like Shania Twain, theatres like Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre, Bollywood cinema as well as mainstream commercial work.

These sessions will build your awareness of how to succeed in the music industry as a professional.

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