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The dance of Umrao Jaan Ada

The Nautch Girl

Solo show available in 2015

Subhash Viman

Game Changer

the versatile Mr Viman is arresting;
an uncommon shape-shifter
New York Times
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Robby Khela's new musical


The Public Reviews

The Stage


by William Shakespeare
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Welcome to Phizzical

Phizzical Productions aim is to produce and commission unique experiences influenced by international cultures for the benefit of the public.  The company creates entertaining, innovative and thought-provoking work that reflects the challenges and possibilities of our time.  Phizzical is recognised for engaging hard to reach audiences and disadvantaged young people by making and delivering excellent imaginative work that engages everyone. Read more about Phizzical


Latest news

  • The Smile of Despair
    Shahid Iqbal Khan’s new play The Smile of Despair will première at Embrace Arts as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.  Directed by Madeleine Oaten, the performances are scheduled for Thu 5 and Fri 6 February 2015. Television presenter and Bollywood actor Omar Khan returns...
  • A Storm in a Chai Cup
    Sundeep Singh Maan’s new play A Storm in a Chai Cup will première at Embrace Arts in Leicester in July 2015. The production will be directed by Steve Nijjar.  Full audition details and character list coming soon.
  • Subhash Viman, Morphed
    Subhash Viman performed Morphed at the Erasing Borders Indoor Festival held at the Michael Schimell Center for the Arts in September 2015. Brian Seibert from New York Times described him as an “uncommon shape-shifter”. Read the full review.
  • Search for Umrao Jaan
    Phizzical in association with Embrace Arts is re-imagining Umrao Jaan Ada by Mirza Hadi Ruswa in a fresh and adventurous dance narrative production. This is a decadent tale of love, exploitation and reconciliation choreographed by Sonia Sabri with music composed by Devesh Sodha, live...
  • Melodies on the Blink
    Melodies on the Brink is a world classical music concert by Speaking Hands that commemorates the First World War.  The concert features three new compositions by Rishii Chowdhury and Akash Parekh that remembers the fevered atmosphere of the war and honours the courage of...